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 Welcome to St. Anthony's School 

St. Anthony's School is a Special School catering for Primary (aged 4 -12 years) and Post Primary (aged 13 -18) girls and boys who have Mild General Learning Difficulties. We aim to provide a caring, learning environment which facilitates the nuturing and development of each pupils' full educational potential.

St.Anthony's recognises that all pupils are individuals with personal gifts, strengths and needs, and we offer an individualised education to all pupils which is centred around their own personal Individual Educational Plan.

There is a large staff of dedicated Class Teachers, Special Needs Assistants and Specialist Teachers of Woodwork, Home Economics, Music and P.E. who all work alongside the Principal Teacher, School Nurse, School Chef, School Secretary and the School Caretaker.

The school is managed by a voluntary Board of Management with representatives from our Patron Western Care Association, the Teaching Staff, Parents and the local Community.  

Our Curriculum

At St. Anthony's School all our Pupils follow a curriculum based on the 1999 New Primary Curriculum and also the NCCA Curriculum Guidelines for Students with Mild General Learning Difficulties.
Our curriculum also places great emphasis on developing Social Life Skills and bringing learning to the pupils through interactive teaching and learning experiences.

We offer the same academic subjects as every other primary school as follows:

English Maths Music Visual Arts P.E. History Geography Science (or SESE subjects =
Social, Environmental and Scientific Studies)
SPHE = Social, Personal and Health Education

And we also cover the following subjects in classes:

Irish Sign Language or ISL ICT Drama
Home Economics Woodwork Religious Studies

and we place a lot of emphasis on development of
Oral Language and Communication Skills (through Verbal and Non-Verbal Methodologies)



Individual Education Plans for every Pupil

Every pupil in St. Anthony's has an Individual Education Plan, or IEP, prepared at the start of each academic year. This plan is compiled by teachers with assistance and input from parents and other relevant professionals who may be involved with the pupil. The plan is prepared in September/October and discussed with parents at the annual formal Parent-Teacher meetings which are held in early November. This is where parents and teachers agree on a set of specific targets or goals that the teacher will concentrate on for that child over the course of the year. Parents help support the process by completing homework assignments with their child or following an agreed plan of work for home which will help develop the acquisition of specific skills. The IEP goals are reviewed regularly and parents are kept informed of progress. The end of year Annual School Report is an opportunity to state whether IEP goals were achieved and sometimes there can also be review meetings held with parents either formally or informally.


While each pupil has an Individual Education Plan which details goals or targets specific to each child it is important to remember that the entire curriculum taught in St. Anthony's School is already differentiated for each pupils' level of ability in all 10 subject areas.

It is also noteworthy that all pupils, regardless of age, are taught the entire curriculum in every class. The exception is the School Leavers Class who concentrate on specific skills needed to transition out into the world beyond the school gate



School Leavers - What Happens Next????

Senior Pupils (16-18 years) enter the SCHOOL LEAVERS PROGRAMME which in addition to the above subjects gives young adults the opportunities to develop
- Social Skills
- Personal Development Skills
- Life Skills
- Independent Living Skills
- ASDAN Certification Modules
- Preparation for Participation in Work Experience
- Training/ Experience as appropriate to their needs
- Centre Sampling to prepare for life after school



Meet our Staff & Management Team

Teaching Staff 2019- 2020

Mrs. Fiona Byrnes – Principal

Mrs. Anna Sweeney – Deputy Principal

Ms. Roisin O’Flaherty

Mrs. Noelle Murphy

Mr. Ross Higgins

Mrs. Elaine Gallagher

Mrs. Helena Brady

Mrs. Aisling Lavelle

Part Time Subject Teachers

Ms. Elaine Kelly - Home Economics
Mr. Jarlath Lydon- Woodwork
Ms. Jessica Bagnall - Music
Ms. Wendy Palmer - PE



Special Needs Assistants

Karen McGuire

AnnMarie McGuire

Mary Murray

Anna McGough

Judith McGarrigle

Caroline Tierney

Noelle Connell

Caroline Cresham

Liam Lydon

Elaine Kirby

Belinda Masterson

Alacoque Gavin

Laura Bourke

Ancillary Staff

School Secretary - Lisa McElroy
School Caretaker - Michael Kelly
School Chef         - Eileen Hunt
Kitchen Assistant - Rose Kirrane
School Cleaner    - Rose Kirrane

School Nurse       - Mary O'Malley


Board Of Management 2019-2023
Mr.Joe Staunton      - Chairperson
Ms.Teresa Ward       - Patron's Nominee
Mrs.Fiona Byrnes     - Principal
Mrs Anna Sweeney  - Teacher's Nominee
Ms. Collette Corcoran - Parent Nominee
Mr.  Brian Golden      -Parent Nominee
Ms. Kate Killalea      - Community Nominee
Mr.  Dara Dunne       - Community Nominee

Irish Sign Language 
Paramedical and Nursing Care Room
Outing on our Bus
Taoiseach Enda Kenny opens the Sensory Garden.
Graduation Class of 2011 receive their awards
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