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Materials Technology Wood

Where our students learn the theory of project manufacture and design. 

In Materials Technology Wood Students learn the theory of project manufacture and design. The practical classes enable the students to put theory into practice and to learn skills that are necessary to safely use hand tools and electrical equipment to manufacture their project.

The curriculum covered in both practical and theory classes incorporates skills that encourage each
student to design and problem solve through creation, communication, collaboration exploration
and innovation. Students are also encouraged to reflect on their learning and outline objectives on
which they wish to achieve going forward.

Topics covered in theory include:

  • Health and Safety

  • Sketching, drawing, design

  • Types of trees

  • Hand and power tools

  • Wood turning

  • Types of joints

  • Carving

  • Marquetry

  • Adhesives and finishes

Senior F are completing a marquetry project.
Senior D are creating a wooden dog themed key ring.

All other senior classes are completing the following theory topics:

Hardwood and Softwood trees
The life cycle of a tree
The timber grow regions of the world
Internal parts of a tree
Measuring exercises in both millimeters and centimeters

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