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Green Schools

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We are currently working on the  Global Citizenship - Marine Environment theme.

Green Schools Programme


The Green-Schools’ mission is to protect planet Earth – our shared home to which we all belong – and we encourage everyone to be involved!


The Green School programme promotes long-term, whole-school action for the environment.

Green-Schools is a student-led programme with involvement from the wider community. The programme is operated and coordinated by the Environmental Education Unit of An Taisce (FEE member for Ireland).



An Taisce

The Environmental Education Unit is responsible for some of Ireland’s most popular and successful environmental programmes, including Green-Schools, Green-Campus, Clean Coasts, National Spring Clean, Neat Streets, Green Communities, Learning about Forests and the Blue Flag award.



Green School Themes

There are many themes in the Green School Programme and St. Anthony’s’ School has received 7 flags to date.



The Themes are:

Litter and Waste - This is the first theme, focusing on litter and waste issues.


Energy - This is where schools focus on the reduction of energy consumption and climate change.


Water - The focus is water consumption and management of water consumption in our schools.


Travel - The focus here is to increase the number of people cycling, scooting, carpooling to school.


Biodiversity - The focus is to increase awareness in schools about our native plants and animals.


Global Citizenship - Litter and waste - This theme enables us to discover how Green Schools have positively influenced our global community.


Global Citizenship - Energy - The focus is to revise energy and to look at issues regarding energy globally.


Global Citizenship - Marine Environment - The focus is on our seas and oceans and the positive impact the Green Schools programme has globally.


Global Citizenship - Travel - The focus is on exploring and discovering how local actions with the Green School programme positively impacts on environments worldwide.


Global Citizenship - Food and Biodiversity - the focus is on local actions, growing your own food and the importance of consuming locally produced foods.



We are currently working on the  Global Citizenship - Marine Environment theme.

The staff and pupils in our school have worked very hard to earn this flag. Thank you to all the families who have supported us over the last two years with the projects and activities.

In our school we have a core committee that meets on a regular basis and they inform and involve their classes of upcoming activities and projects.

We recently invited Parents and other members of our local community to view our marine projects.

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