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Our school is proud to say that there is huge value placed on the provision of Physical Education and activities in the school throughout every school year.

All classes from Primary to Post Primary level are timetabled for PE each week.

Post Primary classes have the extra advantage of having a specialised fully qualified PE teacher Wendy Palmer who works with each post primary group for a timetabled 40 mins class every Monday over the school year.

Teachers ensure that every strand of the PE curriculum is covered by all students over the school year and there is a timetable set out at the start of the year showing what strands are covered at which time of the year. See the 2018-2019 timetable below:

As part of our PE SSE teachers identified Gymnastics as an area which required increased attention and support for both staff and students. It was agreed at a staff meeting on 10th October 2018 that all teachers including PE teacher Wendy would concentrate on Gymnastics skills development during the Spring Term 2019. All teachers would research the available gymnastics resources, update their own skills and teach gymnastics to students in term 2. Teachers Wendy and Roisin looked at the 

physical resources and equipment in the school and new gymnastics mats were ordered to add to the existing resources. It was agreed that teachers would all use the Move Well, Move Often guides and the PDST Gymnastics resources as a starting point to develop basic movement skills needed to develop gymnastics skills in the children.

The gymnastics classes started with Wendy in January 2019. All teachers got hard copies of the PDST Gymnastics resources and Term 2 is shaping up to be a very “moving” one!!!

Active Flag Timetable.JPG
Strand Area Dance
P.E with Wendy
strand area-Gymnastics 
P.E Class
Circuit Training 
P.E Class Relaxation techniques

Physical Education

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