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Home Economics & Music 

Where our students learn the theory of project manufacture and design. 

Home Economics

Home Economics take place for our Post Primary age pupils with our Home Economics teacher Ms. Kelly. It is a subject that covers many aspects of life skills including nutrition and preparation of foods, shopping and budgeting, and household tasks. We focus on everyday living and encourage learners’ independence and social skills through a range of both practical and theory lessons.

Music in St. Anthony's

In music lessons we cover the elements of music such as pitch and rhythm in practical, fun ways. We do lots of vocal work; learning songs and adding movement. Students are encouraged to develop their natural abilities and acquire techniques in instrumental work including drums, chime bars and ukuleles.

We build sensitivity to others, self esteem and confidence through group performance in class and to a wider audience including public performances.

We listen and respond to a wide variety of music from our own and other cultures and from different time periods. We compose together by exploring different sounds and improvising short rhythms and melodies.

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