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Let's Take You for a Walk Around Our School!

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St. Anthony's School is a special place and we are blessed to have the very best facilities available. We have two school buses to attend community projects and sports activities.

The school has a proud tradition and has been serving the Castlebar and surrounding areas for more than 50 years. 

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Just one of the super displays in the foyer of the school, welcoming everyone to St. Anthony's

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Moving in a little further in the school - this super colourful tree is in the school hall. 

This is another super display in the foyer of the school that brings great colour and life to the entrance area.

The school hall is also used for pupils' meals. On this occasion the kitchen staff were getting ready for the pupils' Christmas party!

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In our canteen we have hot lunches cooked every day!

In our Sensory room our students can deregulate and develop and engage their senses.

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Our new extension is bright and colourful and adds many new facilities to the already existing facilities, such as an Active room.

Our Active room encourages active movement such as jumping, climbing and swinging.

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